Children’s Resource Libraries

Looking for great books, educational toys, musical instruments, costumes? We have two Children’s Resource Library locations at 392 East Main Street in Burnsville, and at 215 Pineola Street in Newland.

Curbside service now available to check out Family Resource Library items. 

Click on the logo above to check out the catalog of items available in the Avery library. Call 828-682-0047 for items from the Burnsville library and 828-733-2899 to check out items from the Avery library.

Bring the kids and spend some time browsing shelves that are filled with over 1,000 children’s books, thematic learning kits, musical instruments, costumes, toys, games and more. We also have a full die-cut system with shapes, letters, numbers and words available to use in the library. Throughout the year, the Resource Libraries display several fun and interesting themes.

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The Resource Libraries have more than 1,000 books available. The books are designed for young children of all ages. It’s very common for a child to find a book, settle into a chair and follow their imaginations.

The Family Resource Library is a great place for children to spend some time, searching for books and toys. Adults enjoy exploring the variety of resource books and educational kits designed to support their role in guiding their children’s play, learning and development.

Kids have a chance to play musical instruments and check them out to take home. All checkout items in the Family Resource Libraries are available at no charge. It’s a great way for children to explore their curiosity and creativity.

To celebrate and learn about the great outdoors, kids set their imaginations free in this camping scene with a tent, campfire, and flowing waterfall and canoe in the background.

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