Taste of the Blue Ridge

Red, White & Denim

Blue Ridge Partnership for Children is pleased to auction a $5,000 gift certificate towards the purchase of a new Buck Stove Tiny House. Whoever submits the winning bid will be able to use the $5,000 certificate to buy any model Tiny House that Buck Stove builds.

Win $5,000 Gift Certificate on Brand New,
Fully Furnished Buck Stove Tiny House!

Buck Stove makes several different models of Tiny Houses and ships them to buyers all over the country. Many of the designs have two doors, and two decks. The interior has a comfortable living area, kitchen with full size appliances, great bathroom, laundry machine, air conditioning and heating.  Windows and doors allow in plenty of natural light. Buck Stove Tiny Houses are built on wheels and ready to roll.

All funds benefit Blue Ridge Partnership for Children

Wall-Mounted Table, Storage Benches & Appliances

Inside the Buck Stove Tiny House, the table folds up on the wall and features a metal cutout of a wildlife scene with a bear (above left). When you’re ready to eat, just fold out the legs and lower the table (center). The benches also serve as storage containers. The stacked washer/dryer is located in an adjacent storage room (center). The kitchen has a refrigerator and glass-top electric stove with four burners (right).

King Size Lofts

The Blue Ridge model has a comfortable king bed in the master suite, a closet and storage area, and an efficient Buck Stove gas heater to keep you warm on chilly nights.

Spacious Bathroom With Shower

There’s no roughing it here. The Tiny House bathroom has all the comforts of home. With a shower, toilet, sink and vanity, it’s like a bathroom in an apartment. Buck Stove Tiny Houses are well plumbed and easily connected to water and sewer lines.

Comfortable Living Anywhere

Buck Stove Tiny Houses are designed to take comfort anywhere you want to go. The kitchen has a full-size refrigerator, four-burner electric stove, double sink, and a table that folds down from the wall. The living area has a sleeper sofa and a ceiling fan, and offers plenty of storage. There are two separate bedroom lofts, each with its own closet. The master bedroom also has an attached bathroom. Buck Stove Tiny Houses ship fully furnished with great amenities including a stacked washer/dryer, heating & air conditioning unit, two entrances and two decks with steps.

Sleeper Sofa

Washer / Dryer

Air Conditioner / Heater